KEYper Systems Brings Security and Service to Key Management at Ken Garff Automotive Dealerships

Company Profile

The Ken Garff Automotive Group takes pride in being different.  They are strongly committed to growth and progression, but also stand by values that run deeper than the cars they sell.  Since 1932, when Kendall Day “Ken” Garff began selling used cars in Salt Lake City, UT, the business has centered its focus around people.  Whether it be customers, employees or partners, they believe in treating people right.  That company-wide mentality, along with a strong work ethic, helped lead to the development of 20 new and pre-owned dealerships in the state of Utah.  Today, the automotive group operates more than 50 dealerships and service centers nationwide, and are ranked in the Top 10 Dealerships in the US.

Each of these locations often house hundreds of new, pre-owned and service vehicles.  So, when it comes to protecting their assets, Ken Garff Auto understands the importance of secure, reliable key management.  Theft prevention is a top priority for any automotive retailer, and Ken Garff is no exception.  They must be able to trust their keys are stored safely, and access must be controlled and tracked.  Along with the confidence of security, their employees require quick, convenient access to keys.  Time spent locating keys and assets is time lost with the customer, which also extends customer wait times.  Ken Garff continuously aims to streamline the customer experience.

The Ken Garff team was in search of a simple key control solution that would provide complete accountability, security, analytics and asset control for their organization.  What’s more, they needed a reliable, responsive customer care team that values people as much as they do.  As a company committed to growth and integrity, building relationships with like-minded partners is a vital part of sustaining their investments.


A Personal, Value-Added Approach to Customer Care

While some of Ken Garff’s dealerships have used a competitor’s electronic key system in years past, they were unsatisfied with the overall value and level of service they received.  In order to provide the type of service they are committed to, they must have vendors that do the same.  KEYper takes pride in providing industry-leading customer care, and worked closely with Ken Garff to determine the custom solution that was right for their needs.  Together, it was decided the Monarch electronic key management system was the perfect solution.  That was more than six years ago, and it has been helping 34 locations meet their key control needs ever since.  For them, the real competitive advantage lies in the shared value of a true partnership, along with product performance.  With a customer service program tailored to their needs, they now trust issues will be resolved quickly, and with their best interests in mind.

In addition to excellent service and support, Ken Garff was pleased to discover KEYper offers cost-effective systems with NO hidden fees, contracts or licenses.  They are now receiving the customer support they require, without the extra hassle and expense.


 A Secure Method of Key Control

With the Monarch, keys are locked and stored in a 16 gauge, powder coated steel cabinet, and can only be accessed with an authorized PIN code, biometric fingerprint or prox card scan.  Ken Garff uses the biometric scan for additional security.  Since KEYper’s electronic key systems are scalable, and capable of managing 40 to 280 keys per cabinet, the Monarch system fits the needs of any size dealership.  Multiple cabinets can be linked to expand the system to more than 2,000 total keys, and multiple systems bridged across a network allow for expanded versatility across dealership locations.  Although every dealership is different, Ken Garff typically requires 1-2 cabinets per system, and KEYper was easily able to meet those needs.  Using a Windows Embedded PC system controller and state-of-the-art semiconductor technology, the Monarch Key System catalogs and tracks all keys and assets in real-time.  This alone was a huge advancement towards the security and accountability Ken Garff was looking for.  As an added layer of protection, and one of the most valued features for Ken Garff, a digital camera also captures a picture of each user check-in and removal attempt.  If there is ever a question of who physically removed or returned a key, there is now a record of it, with an image of that user.


Accountability and Asset Control, Simplified

Ken Garff uses the Monarch Key System’s web-based software administration to catalogue the make, model, year, and other attributes of their vehicle inventory.  Once a vehicle has been added to the system, a KEYper Sturdi-Key Fob is scanned and assigned to it using a Key Fob iButton Reader.  The key for that vehicle is then attached to the Sturdi-Fob with a tamper-proof seal, and the fob is placed securely into a slot within the cabinet.  From that point, every key removal and check-in attempt is logged and recorded.

Users access the cabinet via a touchscreen kiosk on top.  The interface provides simple, step-by-step instructions for key removals and returns.  Once a key is selected and the cabinet is accessed, a flashing red LED light indicates the desired key location.  Any unauthorized removal of a key is permanently recorded, and an email is sent to the administrator.  For further convenience, keys can be returned to any open slot in the cabinet, as the system will recognize the fob and update the key location.

The status of all keys in the system can be accessed in real-time allowing authorized Ken Garff employees to view and check out available keys or even request a key that is currently checked out to another user.  In those cases, the current keyholder receives an SMS text message or email, alerting them someone else needs the key they have.  Many of Ken Garff’s stores also utilize optional “reason codes” for each key removal.  With this feature, they are no longer left wondering who has what key, when they took it, or why!  The ability to access this live, up-to-date information from anywhere in their organization’s network has cut down time spent on locating keys, and money spent on replacing them.  This allows Ken Garff to focus on their day-to-day business needs while providing their customers with timely and professional service.

With so many employees, and various access needs, another important feature for Ken Garff is the ability to assign users to custom access groups.  While designated administrators always have access to all keys, they can set parameters restricting user access to certain times of day, or specific keys.  This gives them even more control over who has access to their keys and ultimately, their assets.


Custom-Generated Reports for Activity Analysis

The Monarch key system gives Ken Garff access to various custom reports that allow them to track down keys and assets, and know exactly who to hold accountable for them.  This includes a complete audit trail of both key and user activity.  These reporting tools can also be used to analyze the usage of their assets.  Reports can be generated as needed, or emailed on a scheduled basis for convenience.



Since Ken Garff’s decision to team up with KEYper, they trust their assets are controlled and protected to their standards.  Equally as important, they have a relationship with a partner that is as invested in their success as their own.  Today, with a proven ROI, and longstanding confidence in the Monarch system and KEYper team, most of Ken Garff’s dealerships secure their assets with KEYper electronic key management systems.  The ability to recognize the role of relationships in success continues to push them towards their goal of becoming “The most esteemed Auto Group”.