Effective Key Management
Couldn’t Be Easier

The KEYper Mechanical Key Control & Peg System has proven to be an effective solution for thousands of businesses in managing sensitive keys, vehicles and equipment. There’s no easier way of controlling and monitoring key access, while maintaining total accountability for staff.

The Mechanical key panels offer controlled key access to authorized users via a personalized access peg, which is retained in the system when a key is removed. This holds users completely accountable for the key in their possession, and allows for a quick visual audit of which keys are out of the system, and who took them.


Aramark Locations Currently Using KEYper Mechanical

Aramark – Chicago, IL

Aramark – Tempe, AZ                                                   

Aramark(Uniform Services) – Lawrence, MA

Aramark – El Centro, CA           

Aramark(University of Denver)- Denver, CO         

Aramark(USC Hospital) – Los Angeles, CA

Aramark – Orange, CA             

Aramark(Edward Hospital) – Bolingbrook, IL

Aramark – Pikeville, KY       

Aramark(Healthcare) – Garland, TX

Mechanical Key Management

KEYper Mechanical systems consist of a board with key plugs that individually lock keys into a numbered port on the board. Employees that are authorized to remove keys can do so using their personalized access peg, which remains locked in the board until the key is returned to its location.

This means that with a quick glance at the system, you can identify what keys have been removed, and by which employees. There’s no oversight required, and no manual process for signing in and out keys by a supervisor. KEYper Mechanical Key Control is a simple and effective way to manage your assets, and keep staff accountable for the keys they access.

The Mechanical System’s simplicity of use, accountability features, and price point make it an essential addition to fleet vehicle operators, car dealerships, auto service departments, or any other business where keys are core to the business operation.

A range of sizes is available
for managing 5 to 150 keys on a single board.

How does it work?

  • Each key is secured to a KEYper key plug using a tamper-proof seal, and the key plug is locked into the left port of each key location on the board.
  • Authorized users insert their personalized access peg into the right port of the desired key, and turn to release the keys for removal. The user’s access peg then remains in the system until the key is returned, providing a visual audit of who took it.
  • When returning the key, the user inserts the key plug back into the left port and turns the access peg, locking the key plug back in the correct location, and releasing the access peg back to the user.

Manage Keys Your Way

Modular and Scalable

With a range of board sizes available, it’s easy to manage a precise number of keys, right where your staff needs them most. As your business grows and your key inventory changes, KEYper Mechanical can easily scale with the needs of your operation.

Organize your Inventory

Our key plugs, key tags and access pegs come in a range of colors for easily, visual organization of keys and users. We also offer custom engraving options to further enhance your processes for managing keys.

Added Security

Mechanical Systems can be mounted directly to a wall, or inside one of our metal enclosures for added security. This provides a convenient way to control access to your entire key inventory by simply unlocking the enclosure during business hours.

Point-of-Use Management

For the greatest efficiency, many customers purchase multiple smaller boards for managing keys at the point of use. We even have a Single Key product, which can be installed virtually anywhere for managing a single key, dealer plate, or access to tools and equipment.

What Mechanical Key Control can do for your business

Control key access with no administrative oversight
Quickly see what keys are in or out of the system
Hold staff accountable for the keys they remove
Keep your process organized and efficient with custom labeled accessories

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