Major Benefits Of A Hotel Key Management System

Sep 4, 2018

With the possible exception of towels, nothing changes hands in a hotel more frequently than keys. Not only are they passed back and forth through the front desk every time a guest checks in or out, but housekeeping and maintenance staff also must use them throughout the day. This results in hundreds, if not thousands, of transactions each and every day. For owners and managers, keeping track of all of these keys is a daunting but necessary task.


Knowing where every key is at all times is critical for a number of reasons. If a key goes missing, guests and staff could be at risk. Unauthorized access to valuable assets can lead to theft and much worse. This is why automated management systems make so much sense for hotels. Whether they use a traditional mechanical key setup or electronic cards, ensuring that they are distributed only to those who should have them reduces the chances for misuse. Hotels can benefit from this technology in the following ways:


Improving Organization


Key management once involved pen and paper, and still may in some instances. Employees would be responsible for marking who had which keys and for how long. An automated system eliminates this elaborate and time-consuming record-keeping. Because employees are required to have a code or card to access keys, a modern management system always tracks who is taking one, which one is being taken and when. It also notes any time one is returned. With this type of accountability, managers have a much easier time staying organized.


Eliminating Human Error


With so many keys being passed around all the time, it’s easy for them to go missing or be misplaced. However, control systems today frequently include fobs that enable them to be tracked down if they are unaccounted for at any time. They also feature controls that allow staff members to take only the exact key they require. This prevents cases in which employees grab the wrong keys or get them confused with others.


Protecting Assets


The hospitality industry is all about creating trust. Guests should feel as though they are in good hands. A key management system can help foster that. By restricting access to only those employees who should have the keys at that moment, the chances of someone entering a guest room when they don’t belong there are reduced significantly. Because the system also keeps meticulous records of who has which keys and when, it’s also much easier to pinpoint any malfeasance and deal with it quickly.


When hotels have better control over their keys, they can offer their customers greater confidence and peace of mind. KEYper® Systems has the most advanced selection of products to help hospitality clients. To learn more about what we can do for you or to schedule an online demo of our solutions, contact us today.