With our industrial key cabinets, we are committed to providing your company the best and most efficient methods of controlling your day-to-day operations with solutions to ease your key storage and key control issues. We offer industrial key cabinets, key boxes and key boards for almost any number of keys, and we serve any industry that has keys to control and manage. See some of the industries we work with below. Click on any of the profiles below to learn more about how KEYper Systems is integral to each industry’s success, and how our industrial key cabinets (and other key control products) are used in each.


Your inventory is the life blood of your business. Keeping it safe from theft is easier with the KEYper line key and inventory management systems. Whether in Sales, PDI, Service or your own Body Shop, we help you control who has access to your keys, as well as safely managing the keys of your valued customers. KEYper Inventory Scan System works in conjunction with the KEYper key system to provide an accounting of each vehicle in inventory, and direct control over who has access to those vehicles.

Government Agencies

KEYper Systems offers federally approved automated key control systems for Security Detail, fleet key and gas card management, Enterprise server room security, facility and maintenance key applications, as well as weapons room security. KEYper’s customizable printed reports provide automated log notation for required key log documentation, and check-out receipts where applicable. KEYper Systems provides Federal Government and Cooperative Purchasing pricing via contract GS-07F-0771X, Schedule 84.


Proper accountability, security and management of keys are of the highest priority in your daily operations for facilities, or master soft keys for housekeeping. KEYper Systems offers the newest technology to help you securely manage all of your keys with audit trails and real time accountability, while providing a user-friendly system for a quick and easy check in / check out process.

High Security

The key to successful law enforcement is rapid response. The KEYper Systems line of key and asset management products simplify the protection and access to valuable equipment, keys and tools necessary to get the job done. As security is a top priority, KEYper Systems can streamline police fleet management, along with cruiser key and equipment control. We provide accountability while freeing up valuable time using automated audit logs detailing who took which keys and equipment, when and why. KEYper Systems also provide alerts when such items are not returned. Equipment accountability alone saves the department time and money.

Property Management

Proper security and management of keys is necessary to protect the individuals who entrust their care and their assets to you. Liability can be expensive if keys are not accounted for and properly secured. The KEYper line of key management products provide that accountability and safeguarding with automated audit logs, which specify who took what, when and why. We also provide alerts when these items are not returned. The KEYper Emergency Key Locator feature provides real time data showing where every single key is located within the system in the event of a catastrophic power outage, while still maintaining the security and anonymity of those keys.