Key Management Solutions

Whether your business is sales, PDI, service, rentals, fleet management or your own body shop, KEYper helps you control who has access to your keys, as well as the keys of your valued customers. Our user-friendly, automotive key management systems are designed to simplify the process of key and asset tracking, while providing the highest possible level of accountability and security.

What KEYper can do for your Automotive operation

Drive efficiency in your sales process

Increase accountability for staff

Protect inventory from unauthorized access

Minimize the risk of loss, theft and misuse

“KEYper Systems is hands down the best key control company in the business.
Not only do they have the highest quality products, but their customer support is world class.”

Scott McCorkle – Liberty Buick GMC

“KEYper Systems is a vendor that treats us like a partner, not just another client.”

Mark Boehlen – Ken Garff Automotive

“A thousand times better than the competition.”

L.D. Umholtz – North Point Cars

“These are the best and most user friendly machines we have ever used.”

Paul Tickle – Sheehy Auto Stores

Electronic Key Control Solutions for Automotive

For over 25 years, KEYper’s trusted electronic fleet vehicle key management systems have been the ultimate in key organization and security for the automotive industry. Our signature KEYper MX Key Control System electronically catalogs and tracks the keys used in your business, keeping record of who took what keys, when, and even the reasons why! Equipped with easy-to-use, web-based software, many system features have been designed with the specific needs of the auto industry at the forefront. Whether you need to keep track of keys at a small dealership with a handful of employees, or manage a fleet of thousands of vehicles with various access requirements, our fleet key management systems are customizable and scalable to meet the unique needs of your organization.

How does it work?

Keys are stored and managed in a secure, steel cabinet, and can only be accessed by users authenticated via a personal PIN code, biometric fingerprint, or proximity card. Users can easily locate the keys they need in seconds, allowing for a fast and efficient transaction. When returning a key, the user simply logs into the system, places the key in any open position, and closes the door.

You have complete control over who can access keys, and when. Because the system retains an audit trail of every transaction, you always know what keys are in or out of the system, who took them, and when they were checked out and returned.

MX Key Cabinets

Designed for the Automotive industry

  • Authorized Access Only
  • Flexible Authentication Options
  • Secure Photo Capture
  • Complete Audit Trail
  • Multi-System Networking
  • Web-based Administration
  • Email/SMS Alerts
  • Customized Reporting

KEYper LOCK-IN Dealer Plate Extension

Controlled access for dealer plates and keys in one seamless transaction

Having better control and faster access to vehicle keys is great for your sales staff and for your customers. But when you can’t locate a dealer plate for a test drive, the entire sales process hits a roadblock.

The KEYper Dealer Plate Extension Cabinet provides a simple way to add LOCK-IN control over dealer plates to your MX system. Whether your plates are pooled or assigned to specific sales personnel, they can be quickly checked out in the same transaction as vehicle keys. Now your dealer plates can benefit from the same valuable features you’ll find on our MX key control systems, including checkout time limits, notifications, item reservations and more!

Mechanical Key Control

A Simple and Economical Solution

Mechanical Key Control System
KEYper Mechanical systems come in a range of capacities from 5 to 150 keys, offering a simple and effective method of managing and tracking your key inventory. Keys are secured to a plug, which is locked into one of the numbered key positions. Users can remove keys using their personalized access peg, which is then retained in the system until the key is returned.

This provides accountability for those removing keys, and enables you to perform a visual audit of the system to see who is in possession of a key at any time. Key plug and access pegs come in a range of colors for organizing key and user groups for even greater management efficiency.

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