Correctional Facility Key Control

Despite all the changes and advancements that have come to the corrections industry, the lock and key have remained constant. This simple combination has been the foundation of jails and prisons practically since their inception. They remain the most fundamental mechanism of even modern correctional facilities. Wardens and correctional officers must be able to account for every key for which they’re responsible, and they need to be confident they will be accessed only when necessary.

 To do anything less can endanger the safety and security of staff as well as the community at large. This is why so many in this sector trust KEYper® Systems to provide correctional facility and jail key control that works. Our customizable, scalable systems make it possible for officials to track prison keys with ease. With our products in place, jail keys can be secured without risk of human error.

Our Complete Solutions

We specialize in a wide variety of electronic and mechanical prison key management systems designed to make managing any number of keys convenient and easy. Our mechanical cabinets allow access only with the use of a personalized peg that releases the specific items required at the moment. We also create sophisticated computerized systems that automatically record every attempt to use jail keys and even take photos of the user each time, in certain cases. Whichever type of system is right for clients’ unique situations, our clients can count on us to provide them with ease of use, accountability and enhanced safety. 

Our most advanced jail and correctional products feature automatic cameras that log each time a user attempts to access them. In addition to complete automated logging of every time a key is removed or returned, supervisors can understand exactly where each key is at any given time, who has it and for how long. With special software and mobile apps added to the package, they also can receive instant, customizable alerts to let them know whenever the system is used.

The value of these products for the corrections industry is self-evident. They prevent keys from falling into the wrong hands, create near-total accountability for employees and reduce the chances of mistakes significantly. The automated record keeping found in many of our products also allows administrators to focus their attention on more important tasks.


Why Choose KEYper® Systems?

Everything we do is based on the philosophy that key management should be as simple and stress-free as possible. Our solutions can be scaled to help organizations of almost any size. With them in use, our customers can be confident that their assets will be kept secure at all times. We eliminate the worry over missing keys, operational inefficiencies and security breaches.

Correctional facilities have a responsibility to their inmates, staff and communities. To learn more about how we can help them live up to their responsibilities, reach out today or schedule an online demonstration.