Key Management Solutions for Government Agencies

KEYper® Systems supplies automated key control solutions for some of the most demanding, high-security facilities across the country. Our systems are a vital part of security protocols in managing access to fleet vehicles, server rooms and data racks, facility and maintenance keys, armories and more. With strictly controlled access and customized reports, our solutions help you maintain compliance with key access and documentation mandates.

What KEYper can do for your Government operation

Drive operational efficiency

Increase personnel accountability

Protect assets from unauthorized access

Monitor and document all system activity
Government Purchase Codes

Serving NAICS Codes
334111, 334118, 334290, 334512, 334519, 337215, 541330, 541512, 541519, 561621

Serving PSC Codes
6515, 7510, 7520, H159, 7030, 3590, 6350, 6640, 7125, 5810, 7420, D318



Electronic Key Control Solutions for Government

KEYper Electronic Key Management is the ultimate solution in key organization and security for government agencies, military applications, state-run research and healthcare facilities, and more. Our key cabinet solutions help automate and enhance your key management protocols, allowing you to restrict access to only authorized users, at the times you specify – all with no administrative oversight required.

The system retains an audit trail of all activity, allowing centralized visibility over which keys are in or out of the system, who took them, and when. This generates more accountability for your personnel, and more responsible usage of your organization’s vehicles, equipment, and restricted areas. Customized reporting options simplify the documentation process for key access, and help monitor the utilization of your protected assets.

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How does it work?

Keys are individually locked and managed in a secure, steel cabinet, and can only be accessed by users authenticated via a personal PIN code, biometric fingerprint, or proximity card. Users can easily locate the keys they need in seconds, allowing for a fast and efficient transaction. When returning a key, the user simply logs into the system, places the key in any open position, and closes the door.

You have complete control over who can access keys, and when. Because the system retains an audit trail for every transaction, you always know what keys are in or out of the system, who took them, and when they were checked out and returned.

MXi LOCK-IN Key Cabinets

Designed for high-security applications

  • Every Key is Locked in Place
  • Authorized Access Only
  • Flexible Authentication Options
  • Secure Photo Capture
  • Complete Audit Trail
  • Multi-System Networking
  • Web-based Administration
  • Email/SMS Alerts
  • Customized Reporting

When Security is Critical, KEYper Delivers

Solid Construction

Designed with the highest physical security standards in mind, our 16-gauge, powder-coated steel cabinets keep keys secure and out of sight. For an added layer of physical security, a manual puck lock can be fitted to a system to prevent any cabinet access by personnel.

Foolproof Authentication

KEYper offers a number of user authentication options to meet your strict security requirements. Utilize your existing card credentials for convenience, and add two-factor authentication for added security. Or eliminate the possibility of lost or stolen credentials using the integrated fingerprint reader, providing the utmost protection and accountability for key access.

Per-item Control

With every key position individually locked, you gain better control and visibility over protected assets. Users cannot physically remove keys without being authenticated to the system, and authorized to remove each requested item. Limit the number of keys that can be removed per user, user group or item group.

Multiple Authorizations

When access to sensitive assets requires the approval of additional users or ranks, Dual Authorizations can be implemented for increased security. You can specify exact users or groups can provide authorizations, which are documented within the audit trail captured by the system.

Want to see how KEYper solutions can deliver better accountability, security and efficiency for your operation?

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