Hotel Key Storage and Systems

hotel key storage

Proper accountability, security and management of keys are of the highest priority in your daily operations for facilities or master soft keys for housekeeping. KEYper Systems offers the newest technology and hotel key systems to help you securely manage all of your keys with the audit trail needed and real time accountability, while providing a user-friendly system for a quick and easy check in and check out process.

Electronic Key Management is the ultimate in key organization and security.  Our hotel key storage and hotel key system electronically catalogs and tracks the keys used in your business, keeping record of who took keys and when! An electronically controlled steel hotel key cabinet is used to store and restrict access to keys and can only be opened after a user is verified. Quick, easy-to-use software shows what keys are in, what keys are out, and to whom they are issued.  No Contracts and NO AUTO-RENEWALS make good business sense.  Not sure?  Try our 30-Day ‘No Strings Attached’ guarantee!

Need a more cost sensitive hotel storage and hotel door key card system?  KEYper Systems offers its mechanical hotel key management system in a variety of sizes and combinations to fit your needs. The KEYper ® Mechanical Key Control System is a Key Board that holds from 5 to 150 key plugs. Key Plugs are individually locked into a numbered port on the board.  Persons authorized to remove keys insert their personalized Access Peg into the right port of the desired key location, twist to release the keys and remove them. The individualized Access Peg remains locked in the board until the key is then returned to its location. This gives an at-a-glance audit of which keys are checked out and who removed them!

  • Multi-Layer Access Restriction
  • Manage both Hard and Card keys
  • Web-Based Administration for instant access profile changes
  • Biometric or Proximity Card Authentication

Our commitment to helping companies manage their most valuable assets makes us the go-to source for key storage products and solutions. With proven strategies and the most advanced technology on the market, no one else knows as much about protecting your keys and creating stronger accountability than we do. To learn more about our products, get in touch with us today.