University Key Management

Along with providing their students with the knowledge and skills they’ll need to succeed in life, institutions of higher learning also have a responsibility to keep them safe. Even relatively small campuses may have dozens of buildings that need to be secured. In addition, colleges and universities also must protect valuable assets such as computers, textbooks and audiovisual equipment.

The scope of this task requires security teams to keep track of a large number of keys at all times. This is why so many managers turn to KEYper® Systems for the help they need to do so. We’re a leader in providing key management solutions for universities because we offer customized, scalable products that make it easy to keep tabs on every key used. Thanks to our innovative and sophisticated products, these institutions can cut down on the risk of human error and create a safer learning environment.

Our Comprehensive Solutions

We feature a wide assortment of mechanical and electronic systems that are ideal key management solutions for education. Our mechanical cabinets allow access with the use of a personalized peg that releases only the exact keys required by the user. Our sophisticated computerized systems take it one step further with access based on codes, fobs or keycards. These systems also feature automatic record keeping. No matter which option they choose, our customers gain benefits including simplicity, increased accountability and enhanced safety.

For example, our signature KEYper® MX system electronically logs each attempt by a user to access it. This provides supervisors with complete information every time a key is removed or replaced. With the addition of a software platform and mobile apps, they also can receive instant, customizable alerts to let them know when the cabinet is opened and by whom. This means administrators know exactly where every key is, who has it and for how long.

This and other KEYper® Systems dorm key storage solutions can provide significant value to educational institutions. Not only can they prevent assets from being misused, but they also encourage greater accountability by staff and reduce the risk of human error by a substantial margin. In addition, our electronic cabinets eliminate the need for extensive record keeping. This allows supervisors to focus their attention on other tasks.

Why Choose KEYper® Systems?

We believe key management should be as easy and stress-free as possible. We can create solutions scaled to our clients’ exact requirements, no matter how large or small. Thanks to these systems, our customers can be confident their valuable assets and personnel will be secure. When you choose to work with us, you won’t have to worry about missing keys, operational inefficiencies or security breaches.

Protecting students is just as important as educating them. To learn more about how we can help your institution fulfill its mission, reach out to us today or schedule an online demonstration.