KEYper Elite Release Notes – v8.0.7955

Feb 9, 2022


  • Elite Kiosk UI Redesign
    • All Elite Kiosk forms redesigned with new colors, fonts, controls & components
    • Streamlined workflows deliver faster system transaction times
    • Redesigned UX is more intuitive and user friendly
    • Improved look and feel are more aesthetically pleasing


  • Can now import email and phone number with user import
  • Issue Reason and Comment added to Asset by Status Report
  • Ability to assign an asset type to an Asset Record
  • Added ability to configure data retention period
  • New setting to allow systems/cabinets to be automatically added to all access groups when expanding your system hardware
  • Removed logging of user-controlled data
  • Separated Soap API endpoints to allow for securing each individually
  • Allow SoapApi and Web Portal to be hosted on different resources
  • Ability to use mutual authentication

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved kiosk photo report images not matching correct transaction
  • Resolved Parking Space location prompt being displayed incorrectly in certain circumstances
  • Restored ability to reset Enhanced Web Security password
  • Restored Cabinet Socket Map report asset location flashing
  • Resolved Fob Reader Service prompt improperly displaying in certain circumstances
  • Restored ability to see Asset Reservation Reports in certain circumstances
  • Restored proper identify asset button visibility by system type