KEYper Elite Release Notes – v8.0.7971

Feb 9, 2022

KEYper Elite 8.0 updates the core experience of our kiosk application with a newly designed user interface and user experience.  Every form of the Elite Kiosk application has been redesigned with new colors, fonts, controls & components.  Streamlined workflows deliver faster system transaction times, the new Elite UX is more intuitive/user friendly, and the improved look/feel is more aesthetically pleasing.  Elite 8.0 provides our customers with a better experience when using our products and a modernized look and feel. In addition to the facelift, we’ve also improved the maintainability, flexibility, and extensibility of the UI source code for the KEYper Platform.

New Features, Improvements, Fixes, and Enhancements

New Features

  • Elite Kiosk UI Redesign
    • All Elite Kiosk forms redesigned with new colors, fonts, controls & components
    • Streamlined workflows deliver faster system transaction times
    • Redesigned UX is more intuitive and user friendly
    • Improved look and feel are more aesthetically pleasing


  • Can now import email and phone number with user import
  • Issue Reason and Comment added to Asset by Status Report
  • Ability to assign an asset type to an Asset Record
  • Added ability to configure data retention period
  • New setting to allow systems/cabinets to be automatically added to all access groups when expanding your system hardware


  • Resolved kiosk photo report images not matching correct transaction
  • Resolved Parking Space location prompt being displayed incorrectly in certain circumstances
  • Restored ability to reset Enhanced Web Security password
  • Restored Cabinet Socket Map report asset location flashing
  • Resolved Fob Reader Service prompt improperly displaying in certain circumstances
  • Restored ability to see Asset Reservation Reports in certain circumstances
  • Restored proper identify asset button visibility by system type

Security Enhancements

  • Removed logging of user-controlled data
  • Separated Soap API endpoints to allow for securing each individually
  • Allow SoapApi and Web Portal to be hosted on different resources
  • Ability to use mutual authentication