KEYper Elite Release Notes – v8.0.8019

Feb 9, 2022

KEYper Elite 8.0.8005 continues to build off the new Elite UX by adding a new product offering and corresponding Elite software platform functionality.  Our new LOCK-IN Dealer Plate product offers the ability to secure dealer plates or iFob assets in a primary or extension cabinet.  8.0.8019 also contains many other exciting software improvements such as improved reporting capabilities.

New Features, Improvements, Fixes, and Enhancements

New Features

    • The Dealer Plate Extension can be added to any existing MX system or serve as a primary kiosk cabinet
    • Manage 8-32 dealer plates or up to 288 iFob assets per cabinet
    • Each dealer plate is securely attached and locked in place using our metal Lock-In iFob
    • The cabinet enables strict control over access to each individual plate in the cabinet
    • Authorized users can select to check out a plate in the same transaction as a vehicle key, offering a fast and seamless experience
    • Enjoy the same administrative features you use on your MX system, including checkout time limits, notifications, item reservations and more!


  • Added the ability to separate out alerts to be sent per system
  • Ability to search by VIN on certain Elite Web Admin Reports
  • Added position (row and column) of assets to the Assets by Status Report
  • Added user photo to Asset Transactions and Assets by Status Reports
  • Updated DealerTrack integration to use .NET 4.8
  • Added Lot Location/Parking Space ID to Asset Transactions Report


  • Resolved power and communication alarms not being triggered as expected under certain circumstances
  • Resolved improper Kiosk initialization affecting certain systems
  • Resolved FOB reader not working in Chrome/Edge after recent browser security updates
  • Resolved issue causing username not to show up on Kiosk Photos report for illegal transaction types
  • Resolved issue that resulted in being unable to log out after attempting an application exit
  • Added comment field to Assets by Status Report printout
  • Resolved User Change Log showing inaccurate password change history
  • Resolved device enrollment form improperly displaying username
  • Resolved Assets Out list on Kiosk displaying incorrect checkout time
  • Resolved Assets Out button on Kiosk displaying incorrect count
  • Resolved delayed Assets Out form load
  • Resolved configuration issue causing intermittent photo capture failure
  • Resolved Lot Location column sorting issue on Lot Location Report