KEYper Elite Release Notes – v8.0.8158

May 11, 2022

New Features

  • Spare Key
    • Custom workflows designed to manage, track, and report on spare keys to provide total accountability


  • Ability to set out duration limit on Access Groups by minute, hour, or day
  • Excluded system table records from data retention service
  • Included error handling for connection loss on networked systems
  • Ability for admins to select dealer plate on check out form regardless of access group
  • Formatted edit user page to have all radio buttons centered
  • Improved performance on dashboard and multiple reports
  • Added the ability to configure your separator/delimiter value for user and asset imports
  • Improved Enhanced Web Security by requiring username to be an email address


  • Corrected issue preventing user from printing reports
  • Corrected an issue preventing the “Assets Out” button from working on legacy systems
  • Corrected issue on certain reports that caused an exception to be thrown when sorting columns
  • “Assets Out” button now only displays assets out from kiosk instead of entire system
  • Corrected issue where data retention service would run when disabled
  • Corrected issue with “View Last Checkout” button not displaying asset location
  • Corrected missing pipe on asset page GUI