KEYper Systems Adds VIN Explosion to Its Mobile Platform, KEYper GO

Apr 6, 2018

KEYper GO Mobile App

Last year, KEYper® Systems formally announced the release of their mobile key management app, KEYper GO. The innovative new app brings the simplicity and convenience of KEYper’s industry-leading electronic key management systems right into your hands. Once the app is downloaded to your mobile device and paired with your KEYper key control system, you can view the status of all keys and assets in your business in real-time. With the touch of a button, keys can be selected for immediate checkout, or reserved to be picked up at a later time. If the key you need is currently checked out, KEYper GO will notify the current keyholder with an SMS message, letting them know you are looking for that key.

KEYper GO with VIN Explosion

Now, KEYper® is revolutionizing mobile key and asset management once again with the introduction of KEYper GO’s newest feature – VIN Explosion. With VIN Explosion, managing your vehicle sales data has never been easier. Simply scan the VIN using your mobile device. Vehicle attributes (make, model, year, etc.) are then extracted and uploaded into the KEYper GO app, without the need for additional integration. Data can then be synced directly from your KEYper GO app back to your Electronic Key Management System. Eliminate the time spent inputting vehicle information manually, as well as the potential for data entry errors. In addition, vehicles can easily be added and deleted from your key system using the VIN Explosion feature.

Access to Additional Vehicle Sales Data

Along with standard specs, KEYper GO with VIN Explosion also provides supplemental sales data for the specific make and model of vehicle (available interior/exterior colors, drive type, engine information, etc.). With that knowledge at your fingertips, you can quickly provide customers the information needed to make a decision.

“The ability to scan and pull VIN data for vehicles is a feature our customers have been requesting for some time, and we’re excited to be able to bring it to them.” – Ric Stone, President and CEO of KEYper® Systems