Key Management Systems

KEYper® Systems is committed to providing the best solutions in key management and storage systems, padlock management for your Lockout/Tagout procedures, and asset control for dealer plates and other sensitive equipment. Key and asset control is a top security issue for any industry, and KEYper solutions give you the control, efficiency and visibility you need over your company’s critical assets.

We offer multiple key management products that utilize a key box to store, control and monitor access to keys, greatly reduce the risk associated with loss or misuse, and drive a more efficient day-to-day operation. Our systems range from simple mechanical cabinets accessible by a peg or fob, to more sophisticated electronic models that use biometrics for tracking user activity. Whether you’re in charge of an auto dealership, government facility, casino, university or any other high-security environment, we have effective key and asset management systems to meet the unique needs of your business.

Electronic Key and Asset Control

Our electronic systems offer the highest level of security and control over your keys and assets. The 16-gauge powder-coated steel cabinets offer superior physical protection, while the integrated touchscreen offers fast and intuitive access to authorized users only. Our remote administration software provides a suite of management tools for controlling item access, monitoring system activity, running detailed reports, and much more.

KEYper Electronic Key Cabinets
MX Electronic Key System

MX Key Cabinets

KEYper MX provides the ultimate solution in accountability, analytics, security, and asset control for any industry. You control who can access keys, and when, and the system retains an audit trail of every transaction.

MXi LOCK-IN Key Cabinets

KEYper MXi systems add LOCK-IN functionality for every key position, delivering even more control in high-security applications. Every key position is locked in place and only released to authorized users, under the access schedules and strict conditions that you allow.

Dealer Plate Extension Cabinet

The KEYper Dealer Plate Extension Cabinet provides a simple way to add LOCK-IN control over dealer plates to your existing MX system. Whether your plates are pooled or assigned to specific sales personnel, they can be quickly checked out in the same transaction as vehicle keys.

After Hours Key Management

Simple and secure key deposit and pick up for your customers, at any hour.

Nite Drop Zone

Offer your customers simple, convenient and secure after-hours vehicle key drop off with KEYper’s Nite Drop Zone system. Your customer fills out a deposit envelope on the integrated writing surface, seals their key inside, and drops it into the secure key box for retrieval by your staff at open of business.

Service Express 24

Perfect for vehicle service departments and rental property managers, the KEYper Service Express 24 is a 24-hour automated key dispensing system that works much like an ATM. Provide a secure and unique PIN code to your customer, and they can retrieve their key at their convenience, at anytime.

Mechanical Key and Asset Control

KEYper’s simple and economical solutions for managing keys and padlocks, allowing you to quickly identify who removed each item.

Mechanical Key Control

With a range of capacities from 5 to 150 keys, KEYper Mechanical systems secure each key into a numbered position on the panel. Users retrieve keys using their individual access peg, which is retained in the system creating accountability for the item.

Lockout/Tagout Padlock System

Our padlock management solution was designed specifically to regulate and monitor the assets required for Lockout/Tagout processes. The system comes with specially designed locks, which are secured to the panel and only released via a user’s personalized access peg.