The Importance Of Electronic Key Management For Fleet Operators

Jul 26, 2018

Fleet managers literally hold the keys to the kingdom for their businesses. The success of their operations depends on the proper use of equipment. That isn’t possible unless the keys are in the right hands at the right times. Yet that’s easier said than done, whether a fleet has five vehicles or 500. Keeping a close eye on keys is essential for protecting equipment, reducing liability and extending the lifespan of assets. Fortunately for fleet managers, electronic key management systems can be the solution for all of these concerns.


How It Works

The traditional way to track keys is to store them in a locked cabinet. Unfortunately, this can lead to a number of problems for fleet managers. It may not always be apparent who took a particular key, or when. The employee in charge of signing them in and out may lose track of where they are, and it can be a time-consuming process. It’s also too easy under the traditional method for equipment to be misused.


With an electronic key management system, these problems are eliminated. The cabinet only opens if an employee has the PIN, swipes a keycard or uses biometric verification. Some systems take a photo of the user every time they are accessed. Inside the cabinet, lights and sounds can direct the user to the specific key needed. Each one can be attached to a fob that can be used to track its whereabouts.

How It Helps

Installing an electronic key management system can do a lot to make a fleet manager’s job easier. Here are three ways in which it can improve operations:


  • Greater efficiency: Because the system is fully automated, fleets no longer have to dedicate manpower to keeping track of keys. Every activity is recorded in the system’s memory, eliminating the need for paper records. This also means that fleets don’t waste time searching for keys or equipment.
  • More accountability: These systems protect the reputation and equipment of fleets. That’s because managers always know exactly who has access to all equipment at any given time. This helps prevent misuse of vehicles, extending their lifespan. It also creates a trail managers can follow in the event of damage to assets.
  • Enhanced security: Fleet managers can rest easier with an electronic key system because they won’t have to worry about unauthorized access. Keys are locked away unless the user presents a valid authorization credential. If any unsanctioned access is attempted, the system can notify the manager. The system also can provide alerts if keys are not returned at the scheduled time. These features help prevent theft as well as inappropriate use of vehicles.


Fleet managers have an immense responsibility. Electronic key management systems can help them keep track of their equipment and streamline procedures. As a recognized leader in the industry, KEYper® Systems can help you with a key management solution that fits your operations. For more information or to get started, contact KEYper® Systems today.